Welcome Tesla!

Please join us in welcoming Tesla to the farm crew this season! 

Tesla is a student at the State University of New York at Cobleskill going for a bachelor’s degree in plant science and has been working on farms since her early teens. She loves working in the sun and soil every day and also milks cows at a grass-fed dairy farm. Outside of farming she likes learning mechanics from her dad, tending to her fruit gardens (mostly raspberries, her favorite!), and spending time in the great outdoors.



It’s ramp season! We are trying out some sustainable harvest techniques. This first round, while the bulbs are still developing, we harvested only 1 of each ramp’s 2 deliciously pungent leaves, leaving the plant to continue its growth. We will eventually harvest again, taking some whole plants to enjoy the bulb as well, but sporadically from the patch to allow the patch to seed anew. Hopefully this will allow the plants to proliferate and be harvested for years to come. #sustainableharvest #ramp #wildedibles #csa