Fire Feast

We had such a great time last night at the Fire Feast! Thank you to everyone for putting this together, the farmers and the chefs for the fabulous food, and to such a great community! @pitneymeadowscommunityfarm 

We also want to give you an UPDATE from Mondays storm: While there doesn’t seem to have been any structural damage to greenhouses or other buildings, thankfully, there was damage to plants in the field. Chinese cabbage, lettuces and some other greens got a bit shredded. A lot of the okra stems were snapped, as were some of the tomatoes, and around 40% of the sweet corn lodged in the winds. By Tuesday morning, we had already cleared the downed branches from the edges of the field and fencing, replaced the ripped row cover, harvested some of the vegetables that would otherwise be lost, and put fans on the drying garlic (which had taken on some water, even in the middle of Greenhouse 2). These kinds natural weather events are a part of farming. There is not much we can do to avoid them. One of the best supports, truly, is all of you. Thank you!